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Mazda i-Activesense : premium safety

Mazda i-Activesense : premium safety

You may never have heard about Mazda’s i-Activesense system, but the fact remains that it could very well save your life one day. At the very least, it could prevent an accident from ever happening thanks to a host of active safety features that are always scanning the road ahead of you for potential dangers.

I-Activesense is offered on a range of Mazda vehicles and features nine systems that contribute in their own ways to making Mazda models some of the safest vehicles in their respective categories.

Before getting into the various features of i-Activesense, a quick word on active safety. Active safety refers to the technologies that are designed to prevent accidents before they happen by giving the driver an audible warning. If the driver fails to react, active safety systems are designed to intervene in order to prevent the collision, or at the very least reduce its consequences.

Mazda i-Activesense: 9 systems working together

Adaptive Lighting: the headlights will follow the direction of the steering wheel up to 15 degrees in order to better illuminate the road ahead.

Automatic High Beams: this system automatically shuts off your Mazda’s high beams when another vehicle is coming towards you in order to not blind the other drivers on the road.

Blind Spot Monitoring: a light will tell you if there is another vehicle in your blind spot, making a lot easier to drive on the highway and in the city.

Lane departure warning: if the system detects that you are about to cross into the other lane, an audible warning will let you know.

Adaptive cruise control: ACC keeps a predetermined distance with the vehicle ahead of you when cruise control is activated.

Smart City Brake Support: this system will apply the brakes automatically should another vehicle suddenly stop ahead of you at low speeds in an urban environment.

Smart Brake Support: like SCBS, this system can apply the brakes for you if a danger is detected at higher speeds.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert: detects vehicles approaching at a 90-degree angle while you are backing out of a driveway or a crowded parking lot.

Forward Obstruction Warning: will detect if an object is in front of the vehicle and potentially dangerous and will warn the driver in order to give him or her time to slow down.

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