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Mazda's Unlimited Mileage Warranty, a Revolution

Mazda's Unlimited Mileage Warranty, a Revolution

Mazda has been innovating for several years now, a perfect example being its SkyActiv technology found in its engines, transmissions, and chassis.

Moreover, the brand’s KODO design language has created a visual signature that is immediately noticeable on the road. And now, Mazda has gone the extra mile, introducing a new, unlimited-mileage warranty that happens to be a first in the industry.

Mazda Unlimited applies to all 2015 Mazda models, including those sold before the official announcement. It shows how the company has absolute confidence in the quality of its vehicles. In simple terms, Mazda Unlimited means that there are no longer any mileage restrictions associated with a particular vehicle’s warranty.

Let’s look at each warranty separately.

Maintenance adjustments remain for a period of 12 months, but we drop the restriction of the 20 000 km which is usually associated with these types of adjustments.

The base warranty, previously restricted to 80 000 km, is now offered for three years, regardless of how many kilometers are on the odometer.

One of the most interesting aspects for buyers is the powertrain warranty. It is applicable for a period of five years, again with no restrictions in terms of mileage. This is a particularly relevant for people who do a lot of mileage for different reasons, such as because they live far from work, because they have family far away, or they must travel a lot by car for work.

No question, Mazda is changing the way our vehicles are protected. And it is not just the base and powertrain warranties that are covered.  Mazda’s Anti-Perforation warranty, good for 7 years, also does away with the mileage restrictions. The intent, again, is to showcase just how well Mazda vehicles are built.

The last key point is roadside assistance. Mazda is aware that new vehicle owners want peace of mind. It is for this reason that Mazda roadside assistance, offered for 3 years, is now also without mileage restrictions. Owners can now go as far as they want for three years knowing they will have help should they need it.

With Mazda Unlimited, the automaker is proving once again that it continually wants to go above and beyond expectations, and show that its products are so well built, they will have no trouble standing the test of time.

The Mazda Unlimited warranty program is a first in the industry, and exclusive to Canada.

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