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Top 3 reasons to own a new Mazda vehicle

Top 3 reasons to own a new Mazda vehicle

Newly redesigned models like the 2014 Mazda3 compact sedan and hatchback, Mazda6 midsize sedan, and CX-5 compact SUV, have caught the attention of more than just a few buyers.

This is due in part to slick new styling, fuel-efficient SKYACTIV technology, and i-ACTIVSENSE safety systems that, together, make for an incredibly appealing vehicle. Moving forward, 2015 models continue to benefit from these additions.

KODO: Soul of Motion

Mazda has shed the signature so-called smiling grille that was featured on previous generation models, and has replaced it with a more aggressively-shaped one, as well as sharper-looking headlights, and a sleeker and more fluid-looking body, which the automaker describes as having graceful yet energetic lines. The new styling is designed to turn heads.

Several 2014 models in the lineup were redesigned to incorporate the automaker’s “Soul of Motion” design language, which Mazda says is a unique expression of power and beauty seen in instantaneous motion. The design will also be applied to new upcoming models like the 2016 Mazda2 hatchback, 2016 MX-5 convertible, and the soon-to-be unveiled CX-3 SUV, meant to evoke an “intelligent, dignified and spirited poise”. Overall, the new eye-catching design certainly adds to the appeal of owning a new Mazda vehicle.

SKYACTIV technology

SKYACTIV is a series of technologies that includes new engines, transmissions, body and chassis. The automaker has created a range of SKYACTIV technologies so that its vehicles are more fuel efficient and slightly more powerful than its previous models.

For example, the SKYACTIV-G engines have an incredibly high compression ratio of 13.0:1 that harnesses more energy from fuel. The 4-2-1 exhaust system improves performance, and keeping in mind that weight is the enemy of fuel economy, both weight and friction have been reduced so as to enhance efficiency.

There are many other elements to consider, but consumers need only note that, overall, the engine produces 10 to 15 percent more low- to mid-range torque, and fuel consumption has decreased by 15 percent, as have emissions.

As for transmissions, the smooth and responsive SKYACTIV-Drive automatic delivers up to 7 percent more fuel efficiency, and the short-shift throw SKYACTIV-MT manual transmission is smaller and lighter, and even stronger than any other one that has been built by the manufacturer – elements that help to offer better fuel economy.

The Mazda models also benefit from 30 percent increased body rigidity for better handling, and a 220-pound drop in weight, which again points to an outcome that includes less fuel consumption. We also suggest test-driving your new Mazda vehicle with i-ELOOP, which is Mazda’s regenerative brake system.


Finally, the automaker offers several active safety technologies with its newer vehicles, known as i-ACTIVSENSE. These systems are designed to automatically sense the vehicles surroundings and help reduce the possibility of a collision. The systems are as follows: blind spot monitoring, adaptive front lighting, lane departure warning, rear cross traffic alert, and radar cruise control, which are available depending on the model.

High beam control, forward obstruction warning, and Smart City Brake Support – the latter of which automatically applies the brakes if the driver does not react to the system-detected possibility of a collision, are also among the group of i-ACTIVSENSE technologies.

There are so many reasons to consider buying a new car, but these are the top three that make Mazda vehicles so appealing. For more information, or to test-drive a new Mazda vehicle, contact us at Performance Mazda today.

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